It starts with a date.


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We were tired of wasting so much time chatting online and not actually going on real dates. 

WeDate is a modern community of daters who chat less and date more. We get to the fun part!

Here's how WeDate works. 

Scroll through great dates you can go on, not just headshots. 

Create your ideal date and pick your ideal person.

We have all THE BEST date places listed for you.

You'll find like-minded people with common interests who want to date. 

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It starts with a date.


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Learn why WeDate is taking the Dating world by storm. Dating should be real and dates should be awesome.


"I love that I can just list the things I want to do and the WHO just works itself out."


"The first date is always the hardest part of starting a relationship, WeDate makes it like it should be; just hanging out with someone."

You pay, they pay or split the bill.

Choose how you want the date to roll; is it your shout or theirs?

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